slobodan vujasic

Slobodan Vujasić

Therapy founder

Slobodan Vujasić is one of the founders of BDA therapy (Biomechanical Development Approach), a co-owner of the company Biodevel Professional LLC, and a BDA therapist with many years of experience working with children and adults with brain tissue damage. He was born in Foča (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and grew up in Goražde, Zemun, and Batajnica, where he now lives with his family.

The interest and desire to understand the “invisible force” that leads to movement and the way the human body functions, which he showed even as a boy, later determined his professional path. After elementary school, Slobodan completed secondary medical school, majoring in physiotherapy technician, and then the College of Applied Health Sciences in Belgrade, earning the title of occupational therapist.

During his studies, working with children with cerebral palsy at the Special Hospital for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Neurology, Slobodan became interested and eager to get to know and understand the condition and inner feeling of a child facing certain functional difficulties. The existing medical literature and neurological definitions did not answer the question that is still a starting point for Slobodan during examinations: how does a disabled child feel in their own body?

In search of answers, Slobodan, together with his colleague Vladimir Dobrijević, learned about ABR therapy, which highlights the importance of body structure as the basis for all of a child’s reactions. The knowledge and experience he gained in ABR, working as an ABR practitioner, instructor, and later as an evaluator of a child’s condition in various European countries, deepened his understanding of cerebral palsy in children. However, the conviction that more could be achieved, that better results could be obtained, compelled Slobodan to continue his education and improve his existing knowledge. Learning manual therapies, such as Cyriax, Maitland, Mulligan, Myofascial relaxation, Bowen, and Teratogs, allowed him to gain significant knowledge in the field of orthopedics and better understand the functioning of the movement system in healthy children as well as those with cerebral palsy.

At the same time, together with Vladimir, Slobodan worked on developing a new approach in rehabilitation at a rehabilitation center in Slovenia. After three years of observation, research, and development, BDA therapy was created.

Slobodan, as one of the founders of BDA therapy, after many years of experience, continues to explore the problems of people with disabilities in a unique way through practical work within BDA, looking at the pathological reaction through its meaning and roles in spontaneous, daily activities of a child/adult with a disability, with the goal of improving their abilities through the development of new therapeutic techniques.

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