The Pragma system is a revolutionary solution intended for rehabilitation centers/medical institutions and home-based rehabilitation. Its exceptional features allow patients with developmental difficulties to perform exercises that were previously only possible with the assistance of a therapist.

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The system uses an elastic crane mechanism with rubberized hoses, through which we change the sensation for patients and increase the effectiveness of rehabilitation.

It provides patients with a feeling of freedom and independence.

This highly adaptable device meets the needs of a wide range of users and represents invaluable assistance in rehabilitating patients with various types of developmental challenges, whether they are neurological, genetic, metabolic disorders, or diseases.

Thanks to a diverse set of therapeutic accessories that come with each system, patients can perform exercises in positions that were previously difficult or inaccessible.

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Even the quadruped position, which used to be challenging to achieve, becomes attainable with the help of the Pragma System.

Practical and comfortable accessories have been designed in collaboration with physiotherapists and patients. They are durable and resistant to wear and tear, maintaining their appearance and shape even with frequent use.

The Pragma system offers the possibility of using different methods and therapies. Its wall-mounted design requires little space, making it suitable even for the smallest rooms of rehabilitation centers or patient rooms.

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You probably know how important your physical form and mental condition are to the quality of your therapy sessions. Therefore, no one else but you should decide about your schedule. Having the Pragma System at home, you gain independence. If you feel up to it, you can practice even several times a day. Imagine what effect you will achieve this way.
Think about how much you need to pay to get professional physical therapy assistance in medical facilities. These are the costs of travel, fees for physical therapists and the cost of attending rehabilitation stays. In neuro physiotherapy, such expenses are incurred for years. In comparison, the purchase of the Pragma System device is a one-time expense. You are investing in a rehabilitation room that will be yours forever. Aside from occasional meetings with a physical therapist, as part of the control and supervision of therapy, you can forget about all other costs.
Rehabilitation with the Pragma System engages your full power. You will perform exercises on your own or with a little help, in positions that were previously unavailable. This form of physical therapy is never boring and motivates you to become more involved. Our device will help you fight with disability.

Children, are often difficult patients. They usually don’t like exercise and get bored quickly. With the Pragma System, rehabilitation can be turned into fun. The key is a sense of freedom and independence. By having the device at home, you can even conduct short therapy sessions with children several times a day.

Pragma System is an equipment for years, and not only because of its high quality. The device “grows” together with a child. It adapts to the patient’s mobility for the moment. When you invest in the Pragma System device, you create a rehabilitation office that can be used for a lifetime. The various stages of recovery or maintenance of mobility may require very different therapeutic programs, and you will accomplish all of them with our equipment. It is every patient’s best friend.
Despite the large number of its therapeutic capabilities, our equipment takes up little space. It works great even in small rooms. The device is installed on the wall and has a height of 2m 6,56 ft (2,00 m) or 8,03 ft (2,45m). The ideal conditions for operation are obtained in an area of 97 ft2 (9,00 m2), but even a smaller space will be sufficient for therapy. All accessories are grouped next to the device, on wall-mounted hangers. The whole unit looks very aesthetically pleasing, thanks to its very high quality.
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The goal of your work is a non-disabled and satisfied patient. With the Pragma System, it is possible to perform exercises in all positions, without involving physical therapists. The entire weight of patients is taken over by the tubing rubbers and accessories included in each set. Patients perform exercises on their own and become more involved in the therapy. They feel safe and free. We are the first who introduced an elastic hoist system to rehabilitation centers. This simple solution has proved to be a breakthrough for upright positioning, gait training and spherical joint rehabilitation.
A rehabilitation center is a place where the economic effect is as important as health of patients. Choosing the right equipment should be based on a wise calculation. The price of our equipment includes a full set of accessories for patients of all ages and sizes. Some rehabilitation centers invest in expensive equipment overflowing with electronics and technology for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Patients who compare these devices with the Pragma System are always unanimous. Our device wins this competition, thanks to its simplicity and the sense of freedom the patient gains. The device is multi-purpose. Gait training and upright positioning is just one of its functions. It can be described as a fully equipped therapy office for physical rehabilitation. Besides, our device replaces other physiotherapy equipment, which become unnecessary.
Follow the comments of rehabilitation center owners and physical therapists that we share on our social media. It’s hard to find better recommendations. Patients look for places where they can use our device. Besides, in the opinion of patients and the industry, Pragma System is a symbol of prestige for a medical facility.
The Pragma System takes up small space despite its huge therapeutic possibilities. The device is installed on the wall and has a height of 6,56 ft or 8,03 ft. The height of an ideal room should be more than 8,24 ft. The necessary space to work with patients should be 97,0 ft2. However, smaller spaces will also be enough for effective physical therapy. All accessories are next to the device on wall-mounted hangers. The equipment looks attractive and always makes a great impression on rehabilitation center customers.
With the Pragma System, physical therapists put less effort into working with patients. The previous muscle involvement of therapists is taken over by tubing rubbers. In active and passive exercises and upright positioning, the rubbers support the muscles of patients and physical therapists. Patients perform the exercises independently, even if their muscle strength is low. In the case of neurological diseases such as SMA, MS or ALS, completely new therapeutic possibilities are being created. Physical therapists comfort level improves, so do the results achieved by the patients. They are more engaged and willing to exercise.

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