Cerebral Palsy and spasticity – Standard solutions

Before we couldn’t understand why that was the case, but we know that just one component of spasticity has neural origin



One thing is for sure, the way we understand the phenomenon of spasticity, the mechanism we use to explain it accordingly, will determine the solutions we come up with for solving that problem.




Cerebral palsy and spasticity – Current proposed solutions:








The main idea of the medications is to influence cortex of the brain and/or nerves and to lower their activity.


In that way they lower excitation of the muscles tone too.


Some effects of lowering the muscle spasticity are noticed in some patients’ cases.


There are cases when medications lower the muscle tone just partially or do not have any effect.


Before we couldn’t understand why that was the case, but we know that just one component of spasticity has neural origin.


Other components of spesticity, which are non-neural, cannot be influenced by medication for reducement of muscle tone.


Questionable side of long term usage of this medication is that it lowers general neural activity.


It is important to understand there is no medication that influences just muscle spesticity excluding other neural activities.


This is the reason why parents in many cases report that their child looked druged while on the medication, slept a lot and was not interested in the enviroment around it.


We usualy hear from parents that their kid stopped developing and does not really interact much.


That is pretty detrimental for a cognitive development, when the child actually should be very active, exploring its sorounding and learning that way.


Other downsides to long term usage of the medication is the fact that liver and kidneys of a young and  troubled child need to cope with dissolvement and catabolism of heavy medications.


It is understandable that long term usage of this medication is a big burden for child’s organs.


Of course, as spesticity is a long term problem, long term usage is the only option.


To sum up, two important downsides to medication usage is kidney and liver poisoning, lowering the brain activity, which makes the child docile.


It is always important to overview positive and negative sides to something.


What do you actually get with spasticity reducement on the expense of mentioned dowsides?


What is worse?


In the next article I will write about the next standard spasticity solution – stretching.



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